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When It Comes to Heart Health, Every Moment Counts

Discover how the CorVista System can help you access information about your heart health faster than ever before.

Our Team

Meet our team of engineers, technologists, and executives
medical advisory board
board of directors
Don Crawford
President & Chief Executive Officer
Charles R. Bridges, M.D., Sc.D.
Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer
Gabrielle Zaeska
Vice President of Regulatory & Quality
Robyn Baek
Vice President of Finance
Horace R. Gillins
Vice President of Clinical Affairs
Shyam Ramchandani, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research
Jonathan Woodward
CTO and General Manager, A4L
Ian Shadforth
Vice President and General Manager
Karen McCord
Vice President, Chief of Staff
Stephen Davies
Senior Director of Quality
Jeff Snyder
Senior Director of Sales, Northern US
Patrick Trombetta
Senior Director of Sales, Southern US
Derek V. Exner, M.D.
Junbo Ge, M.D.
Puneet K. Khanna, M.D.
Vallerie V. McLaughlin, M.D.
Rodney Raabe, M.D.
Mark Rabbat, M.D.
Anjali Tiku Owens, M.D
Don Crawford
Aaron L. Berez, M.D.
James McLaren
Elspeth Murray
Tim Attebery
CorVista provides actionable cardiac diagnostics at the point of care by applying advanced machine learning for more rapid and accurate diagnosis of cardiac disease.
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