We are excited to have Gabrielle Zaeska & Robyn Baek join the CorVista Leadership Team. Both are accomplished professionals with extensive experience in their fields. We look forward to their leadership at CorVista. #leadership #cardiac #diagnostics #digitalhealth

Development of #MachineLearning algorithms as diagnostic tools in arena of #HeartFailure continues to evolve & ML techniques will in the near future aid cardiologists in preventing progression of disease & improving outcomes in HF population

Next month is #HeartMonth. Help your patients learn more about the connection between #diabetes and #hearfailure. Tell them about this free online seminar! @nishajhalani @HRRosenblum #heartdisease #hearthealth #hearthealthawareness

Here comes Santa Claus.. Here comes Santa Claus.. Right down Santa Claus Lane.. Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season from your friends at CorVista!

Excellent article in @TCTMD on making up for lost ground in #cardiovascular care during #COVID19 & seeing long COVID sequelae. When patients consult, it’s crucial to talk about "total health and well-being that are inseparable from cardiovascular health”

Caitlin E. Cox 🐙@TCTMD_Caitlin

As COVID-19 Drags on, the Cardiology Fallout May Haunt for Years @dranulala @dmljmd @SpatzErica @virani_md @vijay_nambi @TCTMD

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